...A clear mixture of enjoyment and information worth knowing. Inspiring and entertaining. THANK YOU for this.

...In a very personal group of 8 guests, the "Chocolate fairy" really took us on a journey of the senses and gave us a very comprehensive insight into the world of chocolate - tasteful and intellectual:-)

...You can feel the passion for chocolate in every second. Unforgettable experience!

...The three hours went by like clockwork. With a lot of charm and knowledge, the Chocolatiere guided us through the afternoon. Not only have we tasted many different types of chocolate, but we have also learned a lot about the origins and the type of chocolate. All in all a wonderful pleasure! I can recommend it to anyone who loves sweets!

...In a very nice ambience the chocolate fairy could tell a lot of interesting things about chocolate. In between, there were many different delicacies to sniff, ckrack, taste and feel - it was a great, tasty afternoon for the whole family.

...A terrific mixture of freshness, energy and the love for chocolate. Keep it up. It is a perfect way to bring something underestimated closer to people.

...It was a interesting, funny and tasty afternoon. A great hostess who stimulates the senses and feelings of her guests. Thank you very much! Highly recommended!

...That were three really interesting, evntful and above all tasty hours. Besides tasting varios chocolates, there was background information about the chocolates itself, the production process and the origin. All in all, a seccessful mix and a great guided tour into the world of chocolate. 

...This evening was an exciting journey through the land of cocoa beans. Beautiful!!! Thank you very much! I' m so happy!

...With lots of verve and wit.

...A new world view concerning chocolate.

...It can't get any better. It was awesome!

...A must for everyone who enjoys experimenting with chocolate! Many interesting chocolates combined with information from then until today. I'd love to do it again and again!