In 2015 I celebrated the tenth anniversary of Sinn für die Sinne. In April 2005 the first tasting took place. Since then, chocolate tastings have been an inherent part of my work and at the same time, a place of sweet satisfaction and a source of wonderful stories. When my guests turn their eyes to surprise, their nostrils tremble with delight and their ears are curiously pointed - then I am happy. What do I like best? "Mhmm!""Ah!""Oh!" and "Aha!"

With Sinn für die Sinne I have fulfilled myself a dream!

I've loved chocolate since my childhood. I remember very clearly that I preferred to invest my meagre pocket money of 25 Pfennig per week in chocolate bars. But not just any chocolate. No! It had to be the one with an extra tender melt and intense chocolate taste. Of course, this chocolate bar wasn't one I could afford every week. Today, my passion is my profession and I continue to discover extraordinary chocolates and create new ones. Enjoying it with all my senses is part of my everyday life - whether it's in the development of new creations, tasting the bestsellers or during my popular chocolate tastings.

In autumn 2012 I opened my own manufactory, a little bit hidden on the Fischerinsel in Berlin Mitte. The kitchen and tasting room found a new, cosy and above all centrally located home here. Here all delicacies are created by hand and here the "virgins" and the old hares are kidnapped into the world of cocoa. Here my guests can discover new, unknown surfaces. Here you can listen to the crackling of fine chocolate. And here the nose leads from one intoxicating aroma to the next.

Whether you are inspired by my fantastic chocolates or enchanted by an entertaining tasting - you will be enriched by an unforgettable experience! A warm welcome. Discover a new world.